Sunday, 4 November 2012

Vettel is at the back...but will it make much difference?

It's only a few hours until the Abu Dhabi GP and what probably would have been a fairly dull affair has turned into an interesting prospect, thanks to Seb Vettel being dropped from third on the grid right to the back.

This is obviously big news but given that he'll have over 50 laps to claw himself back, it's probably not as big as the news made it sound when the penalty was announced last night.

Red Bull clearly has the best car in F1 at the moment and he'll be able to slice through the field with relative ease I would have thought. And when the red mist decends, Vettel can really be on it. 

I doubt Vettel will get on the podium, but I don't think Alonso will take the championship lead. I hope the latter does make up the points difference as we have more chance of an exciting end of season battle.

It will be an interesting afternoon of action...and I have to record it! :(

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